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  • Consider having a bathroom on the floor level to avoid needing to use the stairs to access your restroom.

  • If you or a family member relies on a wheelchair, make sure the bath has a 60-inch turn radius and either 36×36-inch or 30×48-inch clear space for maneuverability.

  • Install a curb-free roll-in shower or walk-in bathtub.

  • Install grab bars and make sure your support walls can handle the pressure and weight. Add support braces if necessary.

  • Install or purchase a shower seat in the shower.

  • Apply anti-slip coating on shower or bathtub floors, as well as the bathroom floor.

  • Plenty of lighting (but not too bright), including a light in the shower if needed.

  • Scald-proof faucet and shower accessories to prevent the water getting too hot.

  • Install a height-appropriate or handicap-accessible toilet.

  • Install a hand-held or adjustable shower head for accessibility and ease of use.

  • Consider installing a wheelchair-friendly, open-spaced sink.

  • Install a bathroom phone or intercom in case of an emergency.

  • Install bathroom locks that can be unlocked from outside.

  • Install toilet paper holders that can be changed with one hand and that can be reached from a seated position.

Age In Place Bathroom Renovation

Below is a checklist of items to consider for this kind of remodel!

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