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  • How does your property deal with water (surface water, sub surface water and roof water)?

  • Does my municipality/HOA have specific rules regarding water runoff?

  • If this is a new house, what mitigation systems are being put in place upfront? Its always cheaper to tackle this issue upfront during the build process. 

  • What size of system do I need? How much water should I account for when designing my system?

  • What kind of rock/stone should I use? Size and shape do matter and can dictate what other materials to use.

  • What materials are being used for my drainage system? Solid or corrugated pipe? Smooth or not? Tile or duct tape?

  • How do I maintain my system? Is it accessible so that periodically it can be checked for problems?

Recent project BEFORE and AFTER videos!!!!

Exterior Drainage

Below is a checklist of items to consider for proper drainage

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